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Our most loyal companion Adam was part of the doggy gang who lived freely & happily outside our sanctuary, until their mate Jack was shot about 50m away from the house — we then had to bring the others in for their own safety. The little Houdini has jumped from fence to fence, taken himself for walks and introduced himself in about 5 different groups, finally settling in our house! By looking at his constant smile, waggy tail, couch naps and sneaky cuddles, I guess what Adam's been looking for all this time was a homey environment.

He's the most friendly boy, the loveliest kisser, our biggest wild spirit and brave guardian. Once we were walking 3 dog and met a big one from the farm away, who came charging at us. Adam, with his best mate Jack, went straight ahead and put himself on the front line, until we took our pups away. He'd come with us on every single walk and happily say hello to all the dogs we brought.

Adam needs a home with good space and would absolutely love adventurous people like himself!

✔️ Neutered

✔️ Vaccinated

🎂 About 2 years old

📍 Currently in Turkey, but travel ready for EU/UK


For every dog there's an adoption application process, including a home-check, and a full rescue back up is given. For more info, please read the information on the Adopt a Dog page and write to!

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