Luna goes in the most chilled out pooches list. The young mom used to be in our street feed route and we brought her in with puppy Jack when another of her babies got run over by a car. She was very shy at first, but gained a lot of confidence once we moved her to a group. She was very warmly welcomed and, likewise, has received all the other new dogs after her in the same way. Luna loves playing and is adorably gentle to everyone! At the sight of any person arriving she'll instantly give her belly up 💛

A bit of a lazy girl when it comes to walks, that will walk a bit but definitely enjoys the stops to lie down in the grass a lot more!

• Vaccinated

• Neutered

• Small

• About 2 years old

• Currently in Turkey, but travel ready for EU/UK.


- Neutered

- Vaccinated

- About 2 years old

- Small

- Currently in Turkey 🇹🇷.


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