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Bailey is one of our big puppies as we like to call them. He loves playing with his dog companions but is just as happy to interact with his humans and to receive cuddles along the way. He usually is the first at the gate to greet us every morning and even more happy to see us when we bring him his breakfast. When he became a bit greedy and started stealing food from the other dogs we decided to feed him separately and he was really quick to learn where to go and now he waits patiently in his crate for the others to finish.

Bailey is looking for a home where he can get playtime as well as cuddles in and has someone to train him and make sure he continues learning what boundaries are. Despite being a bit of a rascal at times, at heart Bailey truly is a big baby who can be prone to crying whenever he has a small ouchie (or once when we took his empty food bowl away). Are you the one to welcome our Bailey into your home?


✔️ Neutered

✔️ Vaccinated

🎂 ca. 8 months old

📍 Currently in Turkey, but travel ready for EU/UK


For every dog there's an adoption application process, including a home-check, and a full rescue back up is given. For more info, please read the information on the Adopt a Dog page and write to!

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