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About Palamut Pooches

Learn about our story, mission, what we do

and how to contribute,

be it through volunteering or donating.

The Story

It all started back in 2018, when Sara and Mike came across four street dogs here in Turkey and fell in love with them. Soon they took the first big step and bought a cottage in a small village in the Mediterranean region and with the help of their son Joe, solely moving from the UK to become a part of this dream, started fostering dogs who would be travelling to their forever homes in Europe.

After some time commuting between Turkey and England the decision was made to completely dive into this mission and to move permanently to Turkey.

From then on the three have been living here,

successfully improving the life of hundreds of dogs.


Our Mission

Getting street dogs adopted and sending them to their forever homes all over Europe is our most important mission,

but we do not settle with that.

Ending the overpopulation in the streets by neutering, as well as vaccinating and feeding street dogs is crucial to fight the stray problem in Turkey.

We also try to raise awareness in the local community about the feelings animals have and the love and respect they deserve.

What We Do

Our work circles completely around dogs.

Our dogs were rescued from the streets or from the overcrowded Kas municipal shelter.

The next step is to find them homes and get them travel ready, which includes vaccinations, neutering and paperwork.

Sometimes we also take in dogs for fostering which already have found a new home but need to be prepared for the travel.

Since relocating the shelter to the Italian countryside the amount of new dogs coming into the shelter may have decreased but we still have lots of dogs requiring our love, time, money and, of course, the search for their forever homes.



Homing up to 130 dogs is a lot of work. We invite you to join us in our daily tasks, learning about dogs, making their lives better and of course getting endless doggy cuddles!

Being surrounded by dogs is a great way to learn how to fully understand them and create a true bond with those beautiful, loving creatures.

We live in a gorgeous part of Turkey and you will have enough time to enjoy the beautiful nature here.

We also suggest volunteering as a way of perhaps finding your own loving dog.

Come here and join us in our everyday work and get a real connection before choosing your new companion!

Find more about volunteering on our  Workaway page.

Donations & Sponsoring

We run a non-profit shelter and though the dogs in foster do have sponsors, the vast list of expenses is covered mostly by ourselves as most of our dogs haven't been adopted yet.


That includes i. a. food, medicines and supplements, flea, ticks and worms treatments, sanctuary infrastructure, vaccination, neutering, cleaning supplies and vet bills for sick or injured dogs — not only ours, but also the many ones we look after in the streets.

You can help us continue giving our pooches their best lives by supporting us with donations or sponsoring a dog.

Use the PayPal button below, or directly reach out to us via

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