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Adopt a Dog

Find more information about the adoption process below.

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Adopt a dog

To adopt a dog please fill out the application form by clicking the button above. 

Be sure to read the information below first. If here are still questions left you are welcome to contact us!

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About Adoption & How It Works

Please note all our dogs are currently based in Italy!

Due to our recent move some of the information below might be outdated.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have regarding the adoption and travel process!

Details of the process, timings and costs associated may vary in regards to specific dogs.

All adoptions are subject to a home-check, and we do offer full rescue back up.

  • Families with children are very welcome to adopt, as we would love our pooches to give kids wonderful childhood memories and help them learn how to handle responsibilities – but of course, as long as the children are gentle to animals! We haven't tested all of them with kids yet, but none has ever been aggressive towards people in any way!
  • All our dogs stay in packs of about 6, meaning they are used to other dogs. It is natural to have the occasional two or three falling out, but none of them is inherently aggressive and most are never involved in fights. If it concerns you, we can talk and advise which dogs would suit your pack better.
  • Unfortunately, we have no way of testing our dogs around cats here in the sanctuary, so we cannot guarantee anything in that regard.
  • If you live in a flat, it is still possible to adopt, as long as you still have time availability to take them for nice walks and playtime. We also have some older dogs who wouldn't need as much activity and would be happy with less time outside (as long as they're not left alone for long periods of time too often!). Tell us about your home and routine and we'll see which dogs suit you best!

All of our rescues are fully vaccinated, starting with multi vaccinations, 2 weeks later rabies and a second multi vacc. Everything is recorded in the dog's passport, which forms part of their travel documentation. They are also chipped in this phase and neutered.


When a dog gets adopted, we start with a rabies boost. 30 days later, they will have a titer test from a blood sample, which measures the level of immunity against rabies. This is tested by a government lab in Ankara and they issue a titer certificate, usually around 3 to 4 weeks after the sample is sent, which is a very important part of their travel documents, as it allows them to travel. The sampling date recorded is usually a few days after the actual sample is taken, and from that we start the countdown of 90 days for them to be allowed to travel to their new fabulous homes!


That sums up about 4 months of wait. During this time they will stay with us, being regularly treated for flea/ticks and worms. We also try to teach them good manners, a basic sit/stay, getting used to walking on the leash – some with a bit more success than others!

We endeavor to send weekly updates, with photos/videos of your fur baby, but please bear with us, as it is a busy sanctuary plus you never know what's going to happen outside with the street dogs we also look after!



We ask our new families for an adoption fee that includes all of the costs associated with getting our pooches travel ready, all vaccinations, chipping, neutering, food, titer test, and state vet fees. As standard, this process takes 4 months from the beginning, and this adoption fee is £250.

However, some of our dogs will already be in the process, as we try to get as many travel ready as possible once they come to us, so please ask about a specific dog as this cost may be lower or different.

This figure is worst case scenario and we recognize that it is not a small amount of money so we ask for a deposit of £250 once the home check is completed.

The final cost is for their transport. We charge £650 for the transport, which is payable 2 weeks before travel.

We have tried to make sure the costs are spread over the 3 to 4 months it takes in order that adopting one of our gorgeous dogs is realistic and affordable! We know that you may be able to adopt a dog for less money from elsewhere, but the difference you make by adopting from Turkey is just priceless... you will be blessed with more love you can ever imagine from these fur babies!


If you are adopting more than one dog, we are happy to offer discounted rates on both, foster fees and transport costs, because that's a totally brilliant thing to do!


We transport all of our own dogs, only 5 at a time, safely and securely in a large station wagon, driven by Mike. We take the dogs across through Europe over 4 days, usually to the Netherlands where they travel over night on the ferry or to France through the channel. Mike sleeps in the car with the dogs and on the ferry they are in safe and secure kennels, we do not leave them in the car! Once in the UK, we will bring the dogs to your home address and obviously we keep you updated on the journey all the way through.

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