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Adopters testimonials

We give the first step by rescuing dogs, but we know their happy ending is with their forever families somewhere. Below you can read the heartwarming love stories between our pooches and their adopters!



"We were hoping to adopt a dog whilst holidaying in Turkey and a friend of ours put us in contact with Sara and Mike, and the rest is history!!

We now own a lovely big Turkish dog called Betty. Similar looking to a black lab on stilts. My three children chose her, we didn’t really get much of a 


Sara and Mike are doing an amazing job in Kalkan, helping to keep the dogs of the streets. They all work so tirelessly and are clearly passionate about what they do. Their set up in the hills is amazing and all the dogs are very well loved. We found the whole process of adopting Betty straight forward. Sara organised everything and kept us up to date with pictures and Mike delivered Betty to our door. You couldn’t really ask for any more!!"

-- Lois Uden & family.


Quincy & Avalon 

"Once we had decided the time was right to bring another dog in to the house hold we felt very strongly that we wanted to adopt. However in the UK we kept hitting brickwalls because we had small children, a pet cat and even because we both had job's! Not prepared to give up on our belief we could offer a rescue the perfect home we began to look further afield. 


We first became aware of Palamut Pooches when a friend had chosen to adopt a beautiful dog from them and posted it Facebook. We decided contact Sara to discuss the possibility of us having one of their gorgeous dogs. She sent us details about several dogs that fitted the bill. Our top requirement was being good with the children and being able to cope with the hustle and bustle of family of family life. In the end we narrowed our options down to two dogs. We couldn't choose between the two of them so one new dog became two new dogs!

Sara came to the UK a did a home check, finalised plans and gave us the details of how things worked with quarantine etc. At the time the dogs were due to arrive we had a few unprecedented complications as we were in Lockdown but Sara and Mike worked tirelessly to get the dogs to us when they said they would.


When Quincy and Avalon arrived after what felt like the longest wait we were so happy to welcome them into the family. They have both settled in really well. Its as if they have been with us forever. They absolutely love family life, they are beautiful gentle sweet loving dogs. They are as much part of the family as the kids! They are amazing with the children and they bring so much to our day to day lives. Thank you Palamut Pooches for letting us have these wonderful dogs!"

-- Debbie and Jason Coram.




"Adopted a lovely dog from Palamut Pooches... highly recommended.  He was very close to death and starving but was lovingly nursed back to health and then transported to the UK  .. we knew he was in very safe hands.  Sara, Mike, Joe and the team both  love and possess a thorough knowledge of every single dog in their care. The adoption process is very straightforward  with help and support every step of the way.   I can't praise them highly enough."

-- Alison Jones.


"Hi Sara and Mike and team .

I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you all do finding and saving as many street dogs as you possibly can ❤️ 

I can’t thank you enough for being there every step of the way whilst we waited for Sammy 🐕.

Even through the tough times of covid and lockdowns you kept me sane and even since we got Sammy you are always there for advice and I love how you follow Sammy’s progress. Palamut pooches are doing amazing work and without you we wouldn’t have our boy.

Moving on to a bit about Sammy. Now he is the most handsome regal dog I have ever seen and he has a heart of gold and a silly side too. Sammy adapted to our family very quickly where he fell in love with us all and protects the little ones. Sammy is one amazing dog after his start in life. He is now in his forever home and loved by us all. Thank you Sara and Palamut Pooches for letting us love Sammy as part of the family ❤️"

-- Jodie, Jamie, Morgan and Riley.


Ellie & Marley

"I first found Sara through Facebook, I sent a message about a dog, she responded quickly and gave all information asked about the process and dogs. I found it exceptionally easy. I wanted to adopt two dogs, one of which Sara was housing and the other with one of her friends. I talked with her about my home life, my family and what type of dog I was after…while the initial dog I was looking at had not been reviewed she had another dog in mind her name was Elli, she is a setter mix, Sara said that Elli was a perfect match for the other dog I was adopting and that they could arrange meet ups for the two.

This all went well when the weather was good and they met a couple of times.

For the travel I was excited, we were kept updated of it and how the pups were doing. 

They travelled 5 dogs in the car all harnessed down, even covid didn’t stop them they found a way around it all which was amazing

I have to admit. As I had not done this sort of thing before I was skeptical but Sara did everything and more to keep my mind at ease.

As the two dogs I have were at different stages of the adoption I received them separately…With the second time round there was tougher restrictions but they managed to sort that as well and I received Marley in a timely manner on 2 June 2021.

Both these dogs are amazing like they said, loving kind and needy,they are full of energy and I couldn’t and don’t want to be without them they are my babies now.

Finally I just stress that in future I will be going to Sara again if I ever find I want to adopt and would recommend her to anyone who was thinking about it! She is the lost wonderful person I have had the pleasure of meeting by far…just a shame she’s over in Turkey!"

-- Vicky Senior.

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