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Moose was one the most adorable puppies we've had, has always loved his little walks – he grew up being great off lead as well, walking behind us like our duckling, coming closer and sitting when we called his name. We haven't tested him off lead in a while, but we're sure he'd love to practice more! 💛 At the vets, he even had a cat sit on top of him and seemed very curious of the new little fluffy mate. He's great in the car, at feeding time and sleeps all night.

As he grew up, Moose got very confident and even bossy sometimes, but is still super sociable and loves humans too! He's a talker, always been very vocal and we almost feel he's about to say his first word when the howling starts!

✔️ Neutered

✔️ Vaccinated

🎂 About 2 years old.

📍 Currently in Italy and travel ready for UK/EU


For every dog there's an adoption application process, including a home-check, and a full rescue back up is given. For more info, please read the information on the Adopt a Dog page and write to!

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