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George & Thelma

When we got George we knew straight away he was a special. But we didn't know he would turn out to be our therapy dog 🐶

We rescued Thelma from the municipal shelter over a year ago, as a 3 months old puppy. To our surprise, even as a tiny little thing she could be very reactive to other dogs, even her own sister (the complete opposite of how she's with people — the softest, sweetest natured pup). For a while we managed to have her in a group, but as the others traveled to their forever homes we couldn't find anyone else she would accept. In January her only good friend left to a lovely life in England and Thelma was left all alone. But then came George 💛

Thelma has a little birth defect and her back legs are very weak, so we take her for a strengthening walk every day. George, with his arthritis, also needs small daily walks, so we'd often take them together. We noticed Thelma getting very excited when we stopped at George's gate to pick him up, and they'd greet each other with waggy tails and kisses — that's the girl that used to growl at any dog that came near her. But not George, not even our grumpy lady was too tough to fall in love with him 💛

One day we came back from a walk and left him in her area — Thelma was so happy to have a new roommate! They've been playing, sharing our cuddles and are super calm and respectful to each other at feeding time! Her good mood has even made her a lot friendlier when we meet other dogs outside, and she's not bothered at all! George is definitely a special boy with the sweetest nature, has met a lot of our dogs and is super calm, gentle and social. He charms everyone on the weekly vet visits and behaves like a gentleman 🥰 While we know big dogs don't find homes that easily, we know for a fact if people met him they'd be lining up to adopt him — George's definitely come to lighten up our days and there must be a family our there that will be as lucky as us someday!

Finding Thelma a friend was something we tried for months and to George it was so, so easy to win her heart. We know adopters usually choose perfectly healthy dogs, preferably not too big either, but these two are the most adorable pooches around and really do deserve to not be overlooked! We're hopeful that someone will fall for them as we did, and in the meantime we're so, so happy they have each other 🥰 Both neutered, vaccinated and travel ready for EU/UK. Thelma is medium/large and about 2 years old. George is large and about 6-7 years old.


For every dog there's an adoption application process, including a home-check, and a full rescue back up is given. For more info, please read the information on the Adopt a Dog page and write to!


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