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Sultan & Yasmin

We've known Sultan & Yasmine for some time, as they used to hang out on our daily street feeding route. The lovely couple has 5 puppies (a stunning mix of both!) and they all lived together as a proper family, very friendly and cuddly. As it often happens though, the people in the village were not that happy with having dogs around and managed – based on blatant lies – to get them all a spot in the municipal shelter, where the small pups wouldn't have good chances of survival and Sultan & Yasmin would be locked in overcrowded kennels. The decision was a no-brainer for us, since we'd already fallen in love with them: the 7 would come to our sanctuary and we'd find them the homes they so so so deserve!

We really want to home Sultan & Yasmin in the same family, as they're truly bonded – no one else can eat from their bowls, but they'll allow each other to have a mouthful or two; don't really bother jumping on us when the others are getting attention, but will wait until they both can get some cuddles with us together.... and give each other kisses all. the. time!


✔️ Neutered ✔️ Vaccinated 🎂 About 4 years old 📍 Currently in Italy and travel ready for EU/UK


For every dog there's an adoption application process, including a home-check, and a full rescue back up is given. For more info, please read the information on the Adopt a Dog page and write to!


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