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Susan & Rachel

Our 12 puppies from last year have all grown into gorgeous, unique dogs and they've been showing their little personalities more and more.

They're all clumsy pups, with a lot of energy and so, so, so much love to give!

Rachel & Susan look a lot alike, are always extra excited to see us and love playing for hours. Rachel is a bit more dominant and adventurous, while Susan can be a little shy in new places and with dogs she doesn't know too well -- but the biggest social butterfly once she does! Both are dogs that could benefit so much from an active lifestyle and being in a family!

Neutered Vaccinated 2 years old Medium/large Currently in Turkey, but travel ready for EU/UK.


For every dog there's an adoption application process, including a home-check, and a full rescue back up is given. For more info, please read the information on the Adopt a Dog page and write to!


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